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About Us

Pistone Wealth Advisors is a family owned, independent financial advisory firm. Our team has been helping people manage their financial lives for over 40 years. We think we are the perfect size – small enough so that we can work closely with all our clients, yet large enough to have the scale and support that you will need from your advisor in the years to come.

Tell us where you want to go. We’ll draw you a map.

Tell us where you want to go. We’ll draw you a map.

Who needs a GPS? We’re your co-pilots with a handcrafted map, highlighting your route, avoiding the roadblocks, and navigating the detours. Whether your destination is retirement, a growing family, a new startup business or needing to be talked out of buying a boat, Pistone Wealth Advisors are here to provide fee-based financial advice and get you where you want to go.

Whether those years are starting your career and perhaps, at the same time, starting a family, or trying to figure out how you are going to live when the paycheck stops, our solutions are as unique as you are. We’re highly experienced, but have young and cutting edge solutions for your toughest challenges. We’re interested in a long-term relationship. We want to grow with you, know your hopes, your priorities, your upcoming changes and we’ll come up with a customized, flexible plan suited to your needs.

Check out our team of highly experienced advisors and reach out.