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Families and Individuals

Families and Individuals

Families and Individuals

Every family or individual has different needs, different priorities. We’d like to know yours. If you’re a young professional just starting to think about saving or if you’re enjoying your retirement, there are financial processes and responsibilities that need to be taken into consideration.

Maybe you have a new family, maybe your family is established. We just want to help you protect and provide for it. We can help with an array of college saving plans, as well as help you insure and manage your estate, and prepare to pass it on.

Let’s face it, college is expensive. The cost of University is growing exponentially, so the time to start saving is now -- maybe even yesterday. What savings plan you choose depends on your personal time horizon, risk tolerance, investment preferences and tax situation, which is why we provide custom solutions, tailored to fit your individual needs.

Pistone Wealth Advisors is with you as you encounter each milestone.


The best thing you can do for your financial future as a young person is to build a rock-solid financial base. We’re going to lay the pavement for your future and help you build.

Are you looking to buy a house? Get married? Have a child? Set up a consultation to learn how we can help you prepare for upcoming responsibilities while leaving finanical room for the things you love, including that Avocado Toast.

If you’re more professionally mature, maybe saddled with more financial responsibilities, you may have to navigate a more complicated financial labyrinth. We can help you navigate. You may have to start moving into more lower risk investments, and make sure your investments are diversified. We’re here to help.


A home may be one of the greatest investments a person can make, and the act of buying a house and investing in it is so ubiquitous with “making it,” it may be what Superman meant when he said he was fighting for the American dream. The taxes, mortgage payments, and renovation and repair costs, however, may warrant a moment of pause.

You need a plan of attack. An award-winning, fool-proof strategy custom designed by an experienced team that took the time to get to know you, and what you care about, what your priorities are, and what you’re willing to compromise on. That’s what we aim to do, that’s what we’re here for.

College Tuition

Many families opt to stick with traditional savings methods when planning for their child’s future. These include CDs, money market funds, tax-free municipal bonds, U.S. Treasury securities, and mutual funds. None of these options have to last forever, and an experienced financial planner can help you move funds from higher risk to lower risk saving methods as needed.

You may also want to invest in an IRC Sec. 529 Qualified Tuition Plan. These are tuition programs run by the state or private agencies that are tax-free. This may manifest as a pre-paid plan or College Savings plans. In this case, you would buy credits through the state or agency that your child could use later. Some parents find this an effective way to beat inflation.

Sec. 529 plans can be risky however, if the market changes, the pre-bought credits may not be valued as highly as the purchase price, and it could affect the child’s eligibility towards needs based scholarships.

You also shouldn’t discount the power of Financial Aid. Every financial decision you make now in your child’s name could affect eligibility. For instance, if you open up a savings account in their name, they may be seen as having a substantial income in the eyes of the state. We can walk this minefield together, as a team. We care about these kids, and want to see them have every opportunity.

Reach out to set up a consultation or to learn more about your college tuition options.

Risk Management

Pistone Wealth Advisors isn't just here to help you grow your wealth, we’re also here to help you protect it. We analyze your assets, your income, look at your goal - be it retirement, providing your children’s education, or ensuring your family’s standard of living in the event of an unforeseen disability or premature death, or ensuring your Long Term Care costs are covered - and come up with solutions to make sure that, no matter the circumstances, your family is taken care of.

Contact us to set up a consultation or to learn more here.