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Our Core Values

Serve Others

We put the needs of our clients, the team, and our community above our individual desires.

<strong>Bring Intelligence</strong>

Bring Intelligence

We spend our time learning and doing what we are the best at and love the most.

Listen deeply and speak with care

We come to each conversation with an open mind rather than the “right answer.” We tell the whole truth to our clients, ourselves and each other.

We believe that your time with PWA should enhance the best years of your life.

Your money isn’t just money…it funds your big move, your much-deserved vacation, your 16-year-old’s first car, your well-earned retirement. You shouldn’t have to navigate finances alone, we are here to help.


We believe strongly in the work that we do. We build relationships with our clients, grow with them, help them as they build families, homes and businesses. We see them off into retirement, their kids off to college and help create a legacy. We believe in friendship, integrity, and going above and beyond to help the people whose journey has so enriched our own.

We believe in teamwork, supporting each other and supporting our clients. You don’t hire an advisor, you hire the strength and experience of our team.

We believe in innovation, in being on the forefront of progress, of coming up with new and better solutions, providing our clients the best results possible.