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Giving Back

Giving Back

Pistone Wealth Advisors has been meeting the needs of the Cleveland community for over 30 years.

Our focus is on planning, investment and risk management, and to help our clients feel comfortable about money, whether they’re figuring out how much to contribute to their local church to designing how a trust will maximize their estate’s charitable intent at death. Philanthropy is a large focus of Pistone Wealth Advisors, whether it’s helping our clients’ charity or our own effort.

Pistone Wealth Advisors has always believed that generosity and philanthropy are the cornerstones of a healthy and fulfilling relationship with life and money. Karyn has always talked about accepting the things we can’t change (like the markets, the economy or the tax code), and having the courage to change the things we can (like how you earn, spend, give and invest your money), and having the wisdom to know the difference.

In 2016, Pistone Wealth Advisors’ Holiday Charity efforts contributed to Empowering Youth/Exploring Justice, the Seva Foundation and the Jeremy Cares Foundation, all of which are charitable institutions serving the local Cleveland/NE Ohio area.

If you want to carve out time, energy and money for the causes that touch your heart, give Pistone Wealth Advisors a call and we’ll be happy to help.