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Think Back to 2007

Think Back to 2007

The iPhone and Kindle’s first generations were released. Just think about how those two products have completely changed the way we consume media in the decade since. Every industry has been drastically impacted by the technological revolution we’ve seen over the past decade, and the financial world is no different.

In this past decade, the financial world has been rocked by the 2008 recession, the “Flash Crash,” high-frequency trading and the recent proliferation of ETF’s and algorithmic based investing products and analysis. In this short decade, the investing world has radically changed to the point where it’s necessary to have the most advanced technology at your disposal.

Pistone Wealth Advisors is constantly investing in new technology. We use the most advanced technology available to us by Fidelity, eMoney and Advyzon, all in order to make sure that our clients get the service they deserve. And this technology also allows our clients to keep frequent tabs on their financial situation, allowing them to dynamically see their results and performance in real time.

We refuse to let the times fly by without adapting to the new realities of a changing world. Pistone Wealth Advisors will always provide our clients with the most advanced, up-to-date technology the financial industry has to offer.