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<strong>Why Pistone Wealth and not a robo advisor?</strong>

Why Pistone Wealth and not a robo advisor?

We are a local business; our staff grew up in Cleveland, live in Cleveland and are committed to staying in Cleveland.  You will not dial an 800 number and speak to the employee of the day.

We begin to work with you to visualize your financial future and we will be with you to encourage you to make it happen.

Our process is focused on you.

First things first, we want to know you. What are your hopes and dreams? What are your priorities? We are a relationship-based practice and we know any relationship is based on trust. During your initial consultation, you’ll learn about us, who we are, our love of dogs, food and wine. We’ll learn about you, where you want to go and what you have to work with. We’re planning for your life, not just your money.

We’ll work as a team to asses your needs, draft long- and short-term goals, pinpoint potential risks and roadblocks, and plan a monitoring system so we can check-in as often as needed. We identify your milestones including marriage, new businesses, children, new homes, career changes or possible retirements. We figure out what you need in case of the unthinkable and we leave room for what you need to live your life the way you want to.

Next, our highly experienced advisors will pore over your documents, analyze your finances with zeal and hone in on any problems and opportunities to give you the most accurate, total plan possible. We’re looking to minimize taxes, control debt and provide for your loved-ones. Your plan will take you through your life with plenty of space for your passions and detours while still being focused on growing and maintaining your wealth.

We begin to work with you to visualize your financial future and we will be with you along the way to put it in place. We’ll help you navigate what life throws your way.

Tell us about yourself

  • I need someone to answer my financial questions
    • Pistone Wealth Advisors can advise you on budgeting, insurance, home ownership, college savings, retirement planning and more. 
  • I need help managing my money
    • We pay close attention to the things we can control (risk, fees, taxes, environmental impact) so that you can stop worrying about the things you can’t (the economy, inflation, Congress, longevity).
  • I have sophisticated wealth management needs
    • Our signature service addresses every aspect of complex financial situations, including intergenerational wealth transfer, philanthropy, real estate, concentrated stock and business ownership.