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Linda Tekavec

Practice Manager

Meet Linda, our dynamic Practice Manager at PWA! With a career spanning back to 2004 in the financial services industry, Linda has become a driving force behind the innovation and efficiency of our practice.

Linda responsibilities start with innovative leadership. She brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective, consistently introducing ideas to enhance the overall efficiency of our practice. She is seasoned in client relationships. As the backbone of our customer relationship department, Linda is dedicated to delivering a premium service experience that aligns with the high standards our clients deserve. She is committed to continuous learning. Linda's commitment to professional development is unwavering. She actively seeks out opportunities to educate herself on every aspect of the business, ensuring that her knowledge directly benefits and strengthens client relationships. 

Linda loves spending time her family and two dogs, River and Brook. 

Investment advice offered through Stratos Wealth Advisors, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor. Stratos Wealth Advisors, LLC and Pistone Wealth Advisors are separate entities. 

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